Sunday, June 27, 2010


A customer brought me a Saab V4 transmission that had been "completely overhauled" by his mechanic. The "completely overhauled" trans made it 964 miles before it blew. The sucker blew on the freeway. In rush hour traffic. My very unhappy customer said his "wrench" told him that he just used "simple tools" to overhaul transmissions, and "none of that fancy stuff...."

The description of the wrench's "simple tools" sounded like the ones shown here.

This is my Saab factory transmission press. Without it, you can do more damage to a V4 transmission than you fix!

I used EVERY TOOL shown here, along with the factory press to do the overhaul, so the trans will stay together and give great service for thousands and thousands of miles.

When I overhaul a Saab V4 transmission, I do it right the first time, using precision tools and the Saab factory service manual
. If your transmission needs an overhaul, make sure your mechanic has the factory press and special tools. If he doesn't, then find a mechanic who does. Don't believe a mechanic who says, "Oh, I don't need a special transmission press or any fancy tools."
Have it done right the first time, or you'll get to pay twice for a rebuild.

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