Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saab 95 Wagon Restoration: Sheet Metal - Part 1

The 1973 Saab 95 Wagon that is in Mark's shop is getting a thorough mechanical restoration, including as it turns out, a good amount of sheet metal. Quite a few of the usual areas have suffered from demon rust, so here are a few pictures that illustrate how much fun a rusty 95 can be:

Saab 95 Wagon ready for a stripping

Passenger side front floor

Driver side front floor

Left front inside fender

More front floor rot

Left front wheel well

Left rear engine bay, behind shock tower

Left rear wheel well splash panel

Left side floor, behind driver's seat

Old license plates and Guinness Beer cans used to patch rust holes!

Left rear hatch corner, after cleanup

Right rear of hatch, after cleanup

Right rear suspension mounting area

After a lot of cleaning, grinding, and wire wheeling, all of the trouble spots have been highlighted and are ready for fresh sheet metal. Mark has fabricated up a simple rolling cart to mount the chassis/body on, so he can roll it down to the sheet metal fab shop. In a couple weeks, we'll get some "after" photos posted.

-Chris H.

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