Thursday, June 10, 2010


A tilt hood requires a fairly interesting latch-down arrangement. I have used several different types, and I think this one, using Fiat latch assemblies, is the best because it's simple. Since you probably don't have any Fiat latches laying around, you can check your local wrecking yard for cars with similar style latches.

You are looking at the RIGHT side of a Sonett III engine bay frame, just behind the coil spring. The 0.125" thick plate bolts to the frame and supports [A] the cross rod [top center], and [B] the Fiat hood latch assembly.

I welded a pair of 5/16" bolts to mount the Fiat hood latch ass'y.

Fiat hood latch set into place on the bolts. I attached the release link [at the bottom of photo] to the actuating arm on the cross rod. Just out of sight at the bottom is an adjustable Heim ball socket end. Most any real auto parts store carries ball socket ends.

This shows the 0.375" diameter cross bar and actuating arm ass'y, in place and attached to the release link on the Fiat latch. I had to weld 2 pieces of rod together to get a cross bar long enough!

Another view of the cross bar, the actuating arm and the release link, attached to the Fiat latch assembly. The angle steel on the right is part of our Drakenparts front frame stiffener kit.

This is the Fiat latch that I mounted on the LEFT side of the engine bay [coil spring is on the left, just out of sight]. The mocked-up clevis and rod shows where the hood release pull rod will go through the front wheel splash panel, into the cabin. The pull link directly below the latch also has an adjustable Heim ball socket end.
I like this installation because it lets me locate the release pull rod in the same mount where the original hood release "T" handle was mounted. Simple and "sanitary"!

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