Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sonett Headlamp Magic

Access is the name of the game with the Electric Norseman. But then there are those pesky pop up headlamps that mount to the hood assembly itself. Hmmmm...I have handled them in a number of ways on S-III tilt hoods but I like this one the best---the headlight assembly is mounted to the frame of the car, NOT the fiberglass hood.

The headlamp up/down mechanism remains in place and in alignment, whether the hood ass'y is open or closed.

This is the pop-ups on the bench, with the actuating cross bar in position. Some of the mounting brackets are also shown.

The right side pop-up bucket, mounted to the frame. I built the mounts so the buckets are adjustable in all three planes. Making them go up and down is GOOD! Making them fit the hood openings at the same time is even BETTER!

Left side bucket ass'y mounted to the frame. How does it work? Like a champ! See--the headlamp buckets don't know they aren't still mounted to the hood!

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