Saturday, September 21, 2013


 Everybody with gasoline in their veins loves Weber DCOE carburetors. This is the setup on my 2-litre twin cam Fiat 124 Spider engine, shown with the 5 speed trans attached. This is the engine in MR T, my 1937 FIAT Topolino "EuroRod." I find that I have more DCOE's than I can use in my lifetime, so someone else who wants to GO FAST can own them.  DCOE's are great carburetors, and once you get them set right, you can forget about 'em and just go have fun.
 Here's a list of the carburetors and parts. Note that a Lynx intake manifold--to fit the carbs to twin cam FIAT or LANCIA engines is listed. The manifold, and most of the parts, are NEW. I prefer to let the whole lot go, and not sell bits here and there.
 These 40 DCOE 24's are a matched pair. That means they are all jetted the same inside. Shown are the new air filters and a set of four aluminum velocity stacks. You can see the new LYNX intake manifold to the left of the carbs.
This photo shows the other two DCOE's, some of the linkage parts, the four venturi's, and the other velocity stacks that I mention. The two flat gaskets fit behind the velocity stacks.
If "Mr GoFast" is your name and DCOE's are your game, give me a growl. Another 40 horsepower under the hood of your car--what can it hurt?  Heh heh heh.......

Friday, September 6, 2013


 I completely reconditioned this Saab Sonett transmission and kept it as a spare for my last Sonett. Then I got soft in the head and sold the Sonett, and the new owner didn't think he needed a spare transmission. I discussed using it for a coffee table mount with my wife, which turned out to be a short discussion. So it is available for someone who needs it for his/her Sonett.
The trans has new bearings, seals, gaskets and a number of other internal parts. You can see the new clutch release bearing and rebuilt release arm in this photo. I made all the internal adjustments to Saab spec's. The freewheel has been "neutered", using one of my neuter kits. Its READY TO GO! But I still think it would make an interesting coffee table.... 
If you're interested, give me a growl.