Friday, June 11, 2010


I got a call from a Sonett owner who wanted more detailed dimensions of the hood latch arrangement that I showed in the blog. Truth is, Sonetts are almost KIT CARS and no two Sonetts measure the same in any one dimension. Also, I built this to fit the steel reinforcement "skeleton" that I built and bolted to the underside of the hood ass'y. My next act is to fabricate the lock-down drop link that will bolt to the skeleton. The drop down link fits into the latches and locks the hood down on both sides. Ah...THAT should be interesting!

This is the FOURTH generation of tilt hoods I have done on Sonett III cars. I will add all of this information, with dimensioned drawings, in my book SAAB SONETT III TILT HOOD CONVERSION, available from Ashcraft's Vintage Saab Parts.

Converting a Sonett III hood ass'y to tilt is a MAJOR job, no doubt about it. But to those who have made the conversion, actually being able to easily DO something in the engine bay makes it all very worthwhile. And at a gathering of the Troll Faithful, the tilt-hood Sonett III is the one that will have all the lookers. Guaranteed.

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