Monday, June 7, 2010


Yup. It IS an electrified 1973 Sonett. I call it "The Electric Norseman." The 110 volt charging port is where the gas cap ustawuz. I have the battery racks installed for eight big ol' 12 volt electric car buggers. Six in the trunk area and two up front, plus a small "regular" battery to run the wipers, the fans, the lights, and oh, yeah, the air horns.

So everybody asks. "How fast?" and "How far?" I'm hoping for 50mph with a 50 mile range. We'll know that when it's finished. I'm keeping it as LIGHT and SLIPPERY as possible. More on those efforts later---stay tuned.

I've been a Saab "wrench" too long. Can't stand a Sonett without a tilt hood. Note that the regular hood door still works AND that the pop-up headlights remain in place [and alignment] when the hood is tilted forward.
I'm working on the custom hood latching system in my shop this week, so I'll have photos and info soon!

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