Monday, May 31, 2010

Tech Tip: Weber 32/36 DGV5A Jetting

The Weber 32/36 DGv5A Carburetor has been a popular performance upgrade for Saab V4 powered cars for years, provided you have either the original two-barrel manifold, or one of the more recently produced replicas. Recently, this basic model of Weber has also proven to be a standard upgrade for such diverse vehicles as the Suzuki Samurai, various Jeeps, and even air-cooled Volkswagens.

What does that mean for a Saab V4 owner? It means that any number of retail stores that offer discount Weber sales will have a carb that fits the V4, but not necessarily be a real bolt-on solution. Linkage will need to be fabricated, air cleaner clearance (especially under the hood of a Sonett) will need to be fiddled with, and most importantly jetting and float levels need to be dialed in for the V4 engine. That's where Jack and Mark's experience setting up Weber carbs comes into play.

It wouldn't be an over exaggeration to say that they've rebuilt, jetted, and installed well over a hundred Weber two-barrel carbs on Saab V4s. That means they can give you a baseline setting that will likely work perfectly for your specific application. Got a custom exhaust or hot grind cam? No worries, as they have recommendations for everything from stockers to full on race setups.

Here is an example of a baseline jetting map for a hot street setup on a 96 V4 that came through our shop lately, with a big bore exhaust, mild cam, and lightened flywheel:

More information on hot carb setups can be found in Jack's book "The Total Performance V4." Also, if you've been thinking about upgrading, we offer a complete Two barrel Weber installation kit, with intake manifold, carb, air cleaner, linkage, air cleaner etc. All the goodies to make it a real bolt-on upgrade. This is one of the best performance upgrades for a Saab V4.

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