Friday, July 2, 2010


This is the OTHER half of the hood latch system for the tilt hood mechanism in the Electric Norseman '73 Sonett. This is the SECOND pin...I built the FIRST pin half an inch too bloody short! The fair Kathleen said something about "...dumb shit...", tho' I didn't hear all of that....

The latch PIN threads into a nut welded to a sleeve, that is in turn welded to a mount plate. The mount plate bolts to the square steel frame for the tilt hood mechanism. The pin is adjustable in all three planes. The view is the passenger side of the hood [with the hood open]. The stock hood door is on the left side of the photo.

The hood pin [top center] just about ready to drop into the latch assembly. The hood ass'y is just about closed. Uhhh...I THINK it is going to reach, now....Photo taken from inside the right fender well.

The pin is in place, locked into the latch assembly. YES! It DID reach! Note that the Fiat latches have a strong "push-up" spring [out of view in this photo] that pushes the hood ass'y up about 1.5 inches when the latch is released. So now the Norseman has a new latch on life.....

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