Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Engines with a lot more than stock horsepower [or an air conditioner, or both] need a lot more than stock COOLING! This is how I do it when my customer is serious about protecting his [expensive] high performance V4 Saab engine. This is a "take no prisoners" radiator and fan set-up. I have built a large number of systems just like this one and they really work!

The dual Flex-A-Lite 850 cfm 10" fans are shown above the modified Sonett III radiator. This set up is going into a Saab 95 wagon with a 115 bhp V4 engine, and will ultimately also have an air conditioner unit installed. Note the mount straps [at ends and center] with quarter inch mount bolts welded in place. Flex-A-Lite wants you to mount the fans to the radiator CORE, which is a very bad idea. The strap mount system I use prevents damage to the radiator core, from the weight and constant vibration of the fans.

Here the fans are set in place to check the fit on the rebuilt, re-cored radiator. I snug the fans up as close to the radiator core as I can, though nothing actually quite touches the core.

The assembled unit, ready for installation. The relays and the adjustable thermal switch will be mounted forward on the left inner fender well of the Saab 95. All the wires are shielded and clamped into place. I don't believe in doing a half-assed job on any work I do, and this is a good example.

This is the wiring layout for the dual fan set up. The thermostatic switch will turn on the primary [left] fan at the preset coolant temperature. When the air conditioner compressor turns ON, the secondary [right] fan will come on. The driver can flip a toggle switch to turn on either [or both] fans. Whenever either fan comes on, for whatever reason, the monitor light next to the override switch for that fan will light up. Your V4 engine would LOVE to have a killer cooling system like this in front of it!

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