Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ignition switches get tired after being twisted for over 40 years. Sonett II and Sonett V4 cars at least have an ignition switch you can replace without dismantling the steering column assembly, which is the case with a Saab 95 or 96. The problem with all these cars is that Saab saw fit to run four or five circuits with current that had to pass through the ignition switch.  NOT one of their better ideas.

Finding a replacement switch that will mount through the plywood instrument panel was tough enough. Finding one that looked "original"--with keys that say "SAAB"--just wasn't gonna happen--so I figured--just get over it. My solution is shown. The 40 amp relay [extreme left in the photo] keeps the electrical circuit load off the switch and the whole assembly just plugs into the wires that were originally connected to the ignition switch. I matched the new wire COLORS to the old wires and also marked each wire with bands. One hole has to be drilled to mount the relay [I know that's a toughie], but the rest is pretty much "plug and play".  As a last resort sort of thing, I put together illustrated step by step instructions. See--I hate to recreate the wheel every time I do something.

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