Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Here are the gubbins of a couple of ALL ELECTRIC clocks from a couple of Saab 96's. The dial indicator gives you an idea of the size of all that stuff that makes up tickerator. [Good word, eh?]
 These all-electric Italian VEGLIA clocks do NOT have the auto-rewind package used in a lot of the VDO tickerators. Instead they have a coil [see photo below] that starts the rocking action of a small weighted wheel that puts the gearset into motion, causing the hands to move. 
 The small "spoon" [just above the coil] is an electrical connector. As with ALL clocks, these little suckers have to be carefully cleaned, rinsed and then lubed with professional "right stuff", or there's no point in trying to recondition the clock in the first place. I also "hot check" 'em for an hour, to check for time accuracy and to give them a fresh run-in period after they've been messed with.
Here is a reconditioned tickerator. There are four parts missing: a chrome "cup" that fits over the set shaft next to the glass, a wee spring, a chrome set knob, and the setscrew that holds the knob in place. They were not on the clock when I received it from the customer. I hope he held on to them because they are made of "unobtainium."

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