Thursday, October 25, 2012

Volkswagen Signal Switch Mystery Solved

 This is a 1958 thru 62 Volkswagen direction signal switch--taken apart. These are notable because the switch itself allows both the direction signals and the brake lights to work with just one bulb on each side at the rear. Not this switch though---it worked only part of the time for turning left and not at all turning right.
 I asked several VW techs how this type of switch worked. Summed up, their answer was, "'s all in that switch."  I already knew that so I took one apart to find out. Above [left]--the corroded contact plate. On the right-- the greasy mechanical gubbins.  This one was NASTY inside!   
 The same grubby contact plate on the left. On the right--an interesting rotating contact plate that makes the one-bulb system work correctly.
 The parts look a lot better after going through the sheep dip in the ultrasound tank. I gave the parts a special rinse in the ultrasound tank and careful lubrication with modern, non-hardening lubes. Nothing was broken in this switch--but it was a mess of old, very hard grease and a lot of corrosion.  
All better now and ready for another 50 years of service in somebody's restored Beetle!

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