Thursday, March 1, 2012


I always think it is a very good idea to TEST any unit or part that I have reconditioned. I test the rheostats for the proper resistance with an ohmmeter, and that is a good first step. The proof that the job was done right is to load the rheostat with instrument lamps, just like the ones in the speedometer, tachometer, clock and other gauges in your Saab.

You can see eight 2-watt instrument bulbs mounted on the test panel, along with one of my reconditioned rheostats. To the right is a 12 volt car battery. The reconditioned rheostat is hooked up and ready for the "hot check."

This photo shows all eight lamps ON. Loading the rheostat in this manner gives visual proof that the rheostat provides a smooth increase in light intensity from dim to bright as the knob is rotated. When the 'stat passes this final test, I know my reconditioning job was done right.

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