Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Below are two examples of what some of the VDO clocks I receive for reconditioning look like when I get them. Makes me wonder how long they were under water! YUK!

The clock on the left actually had PAINT all over it, the one on the right, just a lot of CRUD. I was able to save BOTH little tickers and get them ready to tick merrily along once again.

HA! An ASSEMBLY LINE of wee clocks. These have been through the ultrasonic cleaner, using high priced chemical clock and watch cleaner, then an ultrasonic rinse, using high priced chemical rinse. They have all been lubricated with watch oil, using some surprisingly expensive oil applicator probes. The oiling process has to be done under strong magnification because the parts of the tick-tock portion of the clock are VERY SMALL.

This shows the parts of a VDO clock. From left to right---the chrome ring, a retainer ring and the plastic "glass" with the time changing knob. Next the two hands of the clock, then the clock face. The main housing or can, with the illumination light holder is the lump in the center. Almost invisible in this view is the actual tick-tock clock mechanism, which is bolted to the back of the housing. Next is the auto rewind mechanism. The white plastic part is the cover over both the clock and rewind mechanisms. Th U shaped piece is the clock retainer that holds the clock in place in the instrument panel, along with the two securing knobs. Below all that is the in-line fuse assembly that I add to all my reconditioned clocks to protect them, since most have the [blown] fusible link soldered back together with high temperature solder.

Believe it or not, This is the wee clock that was shown on the left in the first picture. It wasn't easy bringing this one back to life! It usually takes me about a week to recondition your clock and get it sent back to you. It's good to hear these little clocks ticking merrily away in a vintage Saab. E-mail me at jacksonashcraft@gmail.com for information.

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