Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is a really good book that tells you everything associated with the transmission in your V4--and for that matter, 2-stroke Saab, how to maintain it all, and how to replace parts when that is necessary.

Like all my books, I wrote it for the owner/wrench, to take away a lot of the mystery about all that stuff jammed way in the back of the engine bay. The exploded view drawing below shows just a few of the bits that are covered in detail in the book. You'll see how to change the clutch and pressure plate, the transmission seals, the rear transmission mount and how to rebuild the clutch release arm and much, much more.

I show you in nitty-gritty detail how to change the axle boot seals, and in the process, show you how the assemblies go together, what lubricants to use, what adjustments to make and many of the tools you need to do a lot of this work. The drawing below shows the inner axle driver [on the right], the axle shaft [on the left] and the universal cups on the "T" driver [center]. This drawing is typical of the dozens of drawings you'll find in the book. Specifications and dimensions are included where that will be of some help to you when you are skinning your knuckles on this stuff.

I show you the shifting mechanisms of each of the cars. The drawing below is for the shift "tower" used in Sonett III cars, which I describe in some detail, including how to change its bushings when that is needed, and how to modify the tower to help preserve the transmission itself. I even show you what you have to do to change over a column shift Sonett V4 to the floor shift Sonett III mechanism.

This is not an overhaul manual for the transmission itself. You are NOT going to do that anyhow, unless you have the factory transmission manual, the factory press, a couple dozen very special factory tools and a good bit of experience doing this work. The book IS an excellent guide about repair and maintenance of everything associated with the transmission, and I include a lot of information about how to extend the life of the 'box in your Saab. If you are interested in this--or any of my books--contact me at jacksonashcraft@gmail.com. Keep On Saabin!

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