Sunday, March 11, 2012


Saab did a lot of things right with the V4 cars, but one of the areas they could have done much better was the cooling systems. They were great for Sweden but not so great anywhere south of the 38th parallel. My "COOLING IT" book tells you not only where the weak spots are in these cooling systems, but how to test the systems and how to improve them.

The poor bugger shown in the cover drawing [above] has probably lost not only a couple of V4 cylinder head gaskets but a sexy girlfriend, thanks to the effect of an already too-small cooling system in his 96...Poor Sven...

This is one of many drawings in the book. It shows where hydraulic erosion often occurs in the timing cover mount and the water pump back plate on the V4 engine.This erosion reduces the coolant flow through the system and invites overheating. Further text explains how to repair these areas. I wrote the book to help you avoid Sven's fate, and there are many more very helpful How-To tips like this in the book.

The best major fix for a marginal cooling system is always a bigger radiator. This is a Sonett radiator equipped with dual electric fans, a MUST with a V4 with more than stock horsepower or an air conditioner. Especially if you live south of the 38th parallel. The book has all the spec's and dimensions for the fan framework as well as the wiring diagram, which shows all the switches, relays and indicator lights and where to locate them.

The bottom arrows show where the front grille sheet must be trimmed in order to use the Sonett radiator on a Saab 95 or 96 V4. The top arrow shows where fan clearance must be maintained when the Sonett radiator is used with a conventional belt driven fan. This 56-page book is jammed full of information like this, all intended to make hot weather life bearable for the little engine, and more pleasant than it was for Sven. For more information on this--or any of my books--contact me at And...stay cool!

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