Sunday, November 17, 2013


 BAD? Dead, too. This is typical of SWF wiper motors I receive for reconditioning. These were used in a TON of V W's, some Saabs and who knows how many other Euro cars--Borgwards, NSU's, DAF's, early Porsches, etc. They came in one and two speed varieties, though the only external difference was the contact panel [bottom left, on the unit].   This one is definitely dead. 
 Here are the [cleaned up] internal parts. From the horseshoe shaped permanent magnet [bottom left], clockwise: the armature, the aluminum base assembly, the brush assembly with wires to the contact plate assembly, the main drum gear and bottom plate assembly, the smaller intermediate gear, and  the cover bail + four bolts.  It is worth noting that these parts usually look like they've spent time at the bottom of a swamp when I take the motor apart. Except for the drum gear/bottom plate assembly, ALL of these parts have been through the ultrasonic cleaner.
 Assembly time. The green parts comprise a jig assembly that I built to steady the base as I install all the reconditioned parts. The cleaned up aluminum cover is at the right.
 SMOKE TEST TIME! At left, the reconditioned motor on the holding jig [green color]. A V W wiper switch is in the center and a 12 volt battery is on the right.  I like to leave the aluminum cover OFF for the smoke test, so I can....uhhh....see where the smoke comes from.... You can see the three brush holders at the top of the motor assembly. One speed motors have just two brush holders.    
This motor passed the test---no smoke and both speeds plus self park worked just fine.  I let these motors run for 10 minutes or so...just to make sure the smoke isn't just hiding out on me.
Ready to go.  Tested, serial numbered and eager to flop the wiper blades back and forth on someone's Beetle. Good stuff!

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