Sunday, November 17, 2013


 BIG RIGS have speedometers, too! This one is out of an 18-wheel Peterbuilt logging truck. It came to me dead as a hammer, with over 500,000 miles on the odometer. 500,000---that's not a misprint. Even Stewart-Warner speedos get tired, and it took parts from two old, dead ones to nurse this one back to health. The outer rings and the glass are on the left, the outer housing at the top, and the speedo internals plus the face and speed needle on the right.  I built the holding fixture [in red], a necessary thing when I'm working on the delicate "innards" of a speedometer. Even one from a Peterbuilt.... 
 A different view. The lower inner ring still needs to be painted in this picture, but everything else has been thoroughly cleaned---some parts in the ultrasonic cleaner---and are ready for reassembly.  The special Phillips screwdriver at the bottom is yet another special tool I built. Handy little bugger.
One down, one to go... On the left, the reconditioned and calibrated speedo, ready to get back to work in a big ass logging truck. On the right, all the parts of another Stewart-Warner speedo for a Peterbuilt. Note that the speed faces are different. I ASSUME that the face on the right indicates a later version, as it has speed ranges in both MPH and Km/h.  Except for the case, the parts on the right are ready for assembly and calibration.   See, I can have fun with TRUK parts, too---HA!

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