Thursday, January 12, 2012


The Lucas wiper motors in Sonetts have a hard life. Saab engineers, in their infinite wisdom, placed the motor right where rain water drips on it, so after a number of years, the motor's gubbins get tired, rusty and ugly, and give up their good work. But, of course only when it's raining...

So the sucker has to come out of the car. No problem, just take a few hours to get the hood assembly off the car, and then you can go to work. I'll be happy to send you a HOW-TO on that process. One of the pages of my HOW-TO is shown below.

My instructions are good [see above], but of course, you will only want to refer to them when all else fails....

These motors do NOT live in a friendly environment and this is typical of what they look like when I take their nasty carcass out of the slimey bag you sent it to me in.

This is an exploded view photo of the motor and its "innards." Note that these are the CLEANED UP parts. It is all ready to go back together again, be adjusted, and then bench tested. I also use modern, temperature stable, non-hardening lubricants. See--I want the sucker to last ANOTHER 40 years or so!

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