Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Direction signal switches get tired after 40+ years of directing, and they come to me with a variety of maladies. They don't stay switched on, they don't GO on, the handle is broken, and they are ugly dirty and nasty. I have to take 'em all apart, clean out the grime and old, solidified grease, renew the electrical contacts, and do other magical tricks to them to make them think they should work for another 40 years or so.

Above is a 4410 [manufacturer's number] switch, as used on the early Saab 95/96/97 [Sonett] cars. There are a number of wee springs, retainers, and movable contacts in there. This shows them after I've worked my magic on them, and the switch is ready to go back together.

Here is the before and after. The one at the top of the photo has given up on directing. The one below has had my magic wand passed over it and is ready for the next 40 years. If your switch has gone wonky on you, don't despair--I can probably make it work like new once again!

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