Saturday, November 17, 2012


 Something a bit different.....this is a Motometer speedometer/tachometer from a '72 BMW motorcycle. The Motometer weenies managed to stuff a cable driven speedo AND a cable driven tach into one case. Turns out that the main input shaft housing for both the speedo and the tach are essentially the same, except for different size threads for the drive cables. The item just behind the tach face is the input SHAFT. Just behind it is the input HOUSING.
 This shows the vertical shaft assembly--the gubbins that operates the odometer in the speedo section--which is omitted for the tach. Typical of such 40 year old instruments, the grease was hard as a brick bat. As always, I took the sucker completely apart, cleaned, lubed and adjusted it, and for the speedometer section, calibrated it for speed vs miles.
The whole schmere...well, the major players, anyhow...are shown here. The small cylinders just behind the speedometer assembly are the tubes for four warning lights. Everything in this photo has been reconditioned. All that was left was zinging it back together.  Interesting little instrument!  Don't be hesitant to contact me if you have a cable driven speedo or tach that needs help---I'll take a look at it and see if I can give it some new life!

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