Sunday, April 3, 2011


Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I did a lot of serious, Monte Carlo style rallies. To be competitive I bought a lot of serious rally equipment. Some of this included a Halda Speedpilot [shown mounted in my '69 Saab Sonett], a back-lit instruction reader [also shown], a Halda Twinmaster [not shown], Heuer rally clocks, and a ton of other goodies including go-fast stuff for the Sonett and driving lights with about a jillion candlepower.

This is the first style of Speedpilot [mine is Serial No. 15363]. I have the original "quick-look' booklet and the factory mount for it. It needs the knobs and professional cleaning and it should be ready to rally! Overall condition is a 7 [of 10], with the exceptions noted. I also have a ton of connecting drive cables and "T" gearboxes, as these units were speedometer cable driven.

This my MK V Speedpilot [Ser. No49691] that I used in various Saabs, Fiats and Honda Civics in SCCA Pro Series and 4-Cylinder Club of America rallies [ca. 1969-80]. I "mothballed" the rally stuff after that time and it has been carefully stored in my heated shop since then. Condition of this little gem is an easy 9 [of 10].

This is my Halda Twinmaster [Ser. No. 30277] and the THIRTY large drive gears--each a different ratio]--that come with it. There are also four small drive gears. The three clips are for drive cable attachment. Condition: an easy 9.

The photo shows my Butler light [for over the navigator's shoulder], a "Tunaverter' unit that allowed tuning a car radio to WWV Universal Coordinated Time, a Saab panic handle, and the rally instruction back-lit reader unit [see the drawing at the beginning of this blog].

I also have seven drive cables, 5 different T-drive gearboxes, and various other bits, Everything is in quite good condition. I'm working on prices for everything. If you have an interest in any of it, e-mail me at or call me at 541-499-0246. If you are serious about doing Vintage rallies, this equipment is what you need!

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