Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I haven't been spending so much time dancing [Kathy and I are ballroom dancers] that I couldn't write a new book. Over the years a TON of Saab owners have told me they want to "restore my old Saab". I know the pause that comes after that will be ended with the owner admitting that he/she have no idea where to start or what all is involved. This 60 page book--based on at least 40 years of repair and restoration experience--is meant to answer their questions.

Starting at the grille and ending at the tail lamps, the book shows--in a logical sequence--system by system and part by part, how to proceed through this extensive project.

The book is NOT A SERVICE MANUAL, though there are some HOW-TO chapters that I haven't covered in the other 16 Saab repair and maintenance books that I have written. And as always, there are a lot of my cartoons and illustrations and diagrams included.

The book covers restoration of the Sonett II and V4 and Sonett III, as well as the Saab 95 and 96 cars. There is a chapter about how to get that pesky hood/fenders assembly on and off the Sonett III, and another on how to rebuild that floppy emergency brake handle. There is a lot of data you won't find in any Saab repair manual--except one of mine--and a chapter on special tools you can build, that you will need for this project.

I ask the owner of this to-be-restored car to be realistic about what parts of the restoration he/she can complete themselves, and what parts should be assigned to a professional. And why. I also offer a bit of advice on how to select the pro to do the work.

By the time the odometer reads something like this one, the mechanical restoration is probably on your mind. This is an entertaining, very informative guide for you that will help you decide if you want to get the restoration under way, and when you do, how to go about it. It is also cheap at twenty five bucks plus S&H. I wish I'd had this book when I did my first full restoration!

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