Friday, August 20, 2010


I seem to have accumulated, over the years, a whole lot of drill bits. Well, y'know, you break one or it gets too dull to make a hole, and you throw it in a box and buy a new one. Or some supplier offers you a deal you can't refuse on a whole new SET of drills...and finally you get tired of moving the box of tired drill bits around. Either sharpen 'em or pitch 'em out. Given the price of new bits--especially the larger diameter bits--I decided it was time to call....THE DOCTOR!

The DRILL DOCTOR, to be more specific. Behind several dozen drill bits in various boxes, is the DOCTOR, itself. It is the gray machine just to the right of center in the picture. To the right is a drill bit in a special chuck, ready to be sharpened. So--if you'll pardon the pun--here's the drill:

You put the drill to be sharpened in the special chuck, loosely. Then you insert both into the opening on the Doc. The one toward the left end of the little machine. You use the special fixture in there to orient the drill in the chuck correctly. Then you tighten the chuck, lightly, take it out of the Doc and finish tightening it. Next it goes in the opening on the right end of the little machine. You turn on the switch and rotate the chuck clockwise, with a gentle pressure on the chuck. The machine operates the bit on a cam and cuts the bit at the correct angle AND on a bevel that puts the cutting edge of each side of the bit higher than the heel, or back side of the bit.

The bloody bits come out BEAUTIFUL! I did all different sizes, from 3/32" up to 1/2" and Mr Doc didn't screw up ANY of 'em. I got into it and before I knew it, 2 hours had passed and I'd sharpened 67 old bits. JEEZ! I can drill the hell out of stuff now--HA!

I WISH this were a paid testimonial for DRILL DOCTOR....but, sadly, it ain't. But I can tell you one thing---I saved enough dough in that two hours [in the price of new drill bits] to pay for the little Doc a couple of times over. The little sucker really works!

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