Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saab 95 Restoration Progress: Trunk and Fuel Tank Floors

Trunk floors tend to suffer from demon rust on most Sonetts, 96s, and 95s, and this restoration project is no exception.

Fresh sheet metal in the fuel tank opening:

New trunk floor sheet metal:

Fuel tank floor in primer:

Trunk floor and surrounding area in primer:

Bottom of fuel tank floor in primer:

Trunk floor painted:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saab 95 Restoration Progress: Floors and Footwell

Much of the front floor and footwell area needed new sheetmetal in the Saab 95 Mark is working on. Here are some quick shots during the process.

Fresh sheet metal welded in place:

Sheet metal is fabbed up with integral bends to match up with stock pieces:

New front toeboards, featuring an access opening for the rear transmission mount. Mark and Jack have created a new rear trans mount that can be removed from inside the vehicle, instead of having to pull the engine/trans to remove it from inside the engine bay:

Entire area in primer:

Freshly painted:

Another view of freshly painted front floor sheet metal:

Saab 95 Restoration Progress: Engine Bay

During my last trip up to Oregon a couple weeks ago, I stopped by the shop and visited with Mark. He;s thick in the middle of two restorations, one for this Saab 95 Wagon, and one for a Sonett III. The Wagon has proven particularly "fun" as there was extensive body rot throughout, as documented here.

Mark has made great progress on this car, so I wanted to do a quick scrapbook of some of his work, starting in the engine bay.

Main engine bay cleaned up and primered:

And in paint, using the original paint code for this year:

Passenger side inner fender in primer:

And in body color:

Driver side in primer:

Driver side in paint:

One thing to notice in the above tow pictures is the rectangular access opening at the front of the inner fender. This wasn't stock. the owner of this particular car has thoughts of installing air conditioning, and this opening makes it possible to actually reach the AC belt tensioning device. Here are some pics of they created the opening.

The opening from inside the engine bay:

From inside the wheel well. An access panel was also built that will be easily removed with a few small bolts: